Brain & Mind approach®


– by Guido de Valk –

What you focus on grows!

The Brain&Mind approach®, a practical, effective and neuroscience-based way of dealing with everyday work problems and other difficulties by making lasting changes to behaviour.

The modality inspired by a fascination in applying scientific knowledge of the brain and consciousness, is developed by Guido de Valk, MD, eastern spiritual practitioner and businessman.

An intensive and powerful training and coaching program by integrating knowledge of how the brain and mind work into leadership and personal development.

The brain & mind approach is very effective, especially in organizational changes where people become more central.


The Brain, everyone’s brain works according to the same mechanisms. If you use the knowledge about these mechanisms, you can motivate people, empower them, cooperate and perform even better and more effectively.

Suppose you know and use how your brain and that of all other people work; you achieve much more with yourself and others. You achieve more because you put the person central.

The characteristic of the approach is that one learns to manage one’s brain. So the automatic reactions are no longer the basis, but you become the boss.

Practice, Practice, Practice


The trainability of the brain, also known as neuroplasticity, works the same for everyone, just like the heart works the same for everyone.
This means that you too can develop your desired behaviour.

Confident with own Potential


People-Centered Leadership


Mental Vitality


Personal Effectiveness


Personal Leadership



Mission & Vision

– to ensure that the leadership landscape changes to people-oriented through training, coaching and advice based on neuroscientific knowledge using unique tools that ensure sustainable leadership development.

 – to move to a more people-centered and value driven landscapes

Systematic, Easy and Effective ways!




Brain Knowledge

The Brain&Mind approach® uses knowledge of the brain to improve performance and develop more effective habits.


Lasting Behavioural Change

The Brain&Mind approach® focuses on sustainable behavioural change so that all employees perform optimally on a daily basis.



The Brain&Mind approach® has been successfully applied for decades in even the most rigid cases.



The Brain&Mind approach® values people potentials instead of profit pontentials.

Value-driven company has more motivated staff, less conflict and teams that want to work together. This automatically increases profits.



Through the Brain&Mind approach®, change is possible for the most obstructive and performance reducing work habits into power-enhancing habits!

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